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State #5 (20 items). Listed here are sentences in Inuktitut and their English translations: step 1. Qingmivit takujaatit. (The dog watched you.) 2. Inuuhuktuup iluaqhaiji qukiqtanga. (The latest boy test a family doctor.) step 3. Aanniqtutit. (Your hurt oneself.) cuatro. Iluaqhaijiup aarqijaatit. (A family doctor healed your.) 5. Qingmiq iputujait. (You speared the dog.) six. Angatkuq iluaqhaijimik aarqisijuq. (The fresh new shaman cured a good de-.) 8. Iluaqhaijivit inuuhuktuit aarqijanga. (Their daruq iputujanga. (The latest hunter speared new wolf.) ten. Qingmiup ilinniaqtitsijiit aanniqtanga. (The dog damage the teacher.) 11. Ukiakhaqtutit. (Your dropped.) 12. Angunahukti nanurmik qukiqsijuq. (The newest huntsman attempt a great polar bear.)

(a) Translate into English: thirteen. Amaruup angatkuit takujanga. 14. Nanuit inuuhukturmik aanniqsijuq. 15. Angunahuktiit aarqijuq. sixteen. Ilinniaqtitsiji qukiqtait. 17. Qaijutit. 18. Angunahuktimik aarqisijutit.

(b) Lead to Inuktitut: 19. The latest shaman harm you. 20. The brand new teacher watched the kid. 21. Their wolf fell. twenty-two. You sample your dog. 23. The dog damage an instructor.

NB: Inuktitut (Canadian Inuit) is one of the Eskimo-Aleut group of dialects. It is verbal by approx. thirty-five 000 members of new northern element of Canada. The newest letter roentgen indicates a good ‘Parisian’ r (noticable far back regarding the throat), and q signifies an excellent k-eg voice built in an identical place. A beneficial shaman is a priest, sorcerer and you can therapist in a number of societies. -Bozhidar Bozhanov

Regrettably, membership to possess NACLO 2009 [the latest United states Computational Linguistics Olympiad, the preliminary competition getting Americans aspiring to go with the Around the world tournament] closed just a few weeks ago, for the February step 3. You to site, although not, keeps a webpage away from website links some other habit problems and you will selection, so you’re able to continue to work throughout these at your home. The fresh new Babylonian issue is much as that I really do during the the original day of your session inside the a mathematics having Liberal Arts group, and some of other people are comparable inside tone into condition quoted more than plus in yesterday’s blog post.

Words Puzzles

” data-image-caption=”” data-large-file=”” style=”margin-left:4px;margin-right:4px;” title=”swahili-pn” src=”” alt=”swahili-pn” srcset=” 216w, 108w, 329w” sizes=”(max-width: 216px) 100vw, 216px” />I’m completely taking the current article regarding some other website. However, Personally i think Ok about this once the One, easily you should never do that after that there will not be a post now after all, and two, it is a really nice blog post.

Tanya Khovanova posted the 2009 Thursday on Lingustic Puzzles. In it, she provided five puzzles she would tranlsated from the Russian guide 200 Difficulties from inside the Linguistics and Mathematics and. Such as for instance, the initial problem is:

  • atakupenda – He will love your.
  • nitawapiga – I will beat him or her.
  • atatupenda – He’s going to like all of us.
  • anakupiga – He beats your.
  • nitampenda – I can love him.
  • unawasumbua – You bother her or him.
  • You are going to love him or her.
  • I bother him.

There’ a great deal regarding linguistics that i come across interesting, and that i really preferred understanding such different puzzles (and I am totally providing them with into seniors in my Problem Solving category this week).

So it shouldn’t bother myself…

There’s a web site Sex Analyzer that appears from the a writings webpages and you will find if this are compiled by a additional reading guy or a female. And by “decides” I means spends an algorithm.

To your a whim We featured 360. They told you it absolutely was compiled by a guy. Okay, which was an excellent freebie just like the we have multiple article authors thus often address might be seen as correct. However been checking almost every other mathematics web sites. Teaching University Mathematics Technical? Authored by one. (Shock, Maria!) Let’s Enjoy Math? Authored by a guy. (Shock, Denise!). Continuities? Compiled by a man. (Amaze, Jackie!) Mathematics Trek? Published by one. (Surprise, Julie!) Most of the math weblog I tried try stated to-be written by men, no matter exactly who it absolutely was written by. And no, it doesn’t just see guys – non-mathematics articles was said is authored by both lady otherwise males.

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